How to use AntBuddy Cloud PBX

Step 1: Log in to AntBuddy PBX settings page

To reach the setting page for AntBuddy PBX, enter an URL in this format to your browser: <yourcomapnydomain>app#!/mall/pbx

Step 2: Choose and set up DID numbers

You can choose your DID numbers provided by HTK Inc.
After the selected numbers are configured, inbound and outbound call features will be automatically activated.

Step 3: Activate/de-activate Inbound Call and Outbound Call

For Inbound Call:

  • This feature allows you to receive calls to your DID numbers and lets the callers reach the staff with the assigned Ext.
  • When Inbound Call is inactive, your company can not receive calls. NOTE: Make sure you deactivate the IVR before deleting Inbound configuration. You will receive a message if your IVR stays active:

  • Click on this iconto activate or de-activate Inbound Call.


  • When Inbound Call is active, you can add your customized IVR file by clicking (+) at Greeting file to select a file, confirm and add as your IVR. 
  • Note that AntBuddy supports audio types of mp3, wav or ogg which should be 5MB in size or less.

  • When file is successfully added, you can choose either to add another file or remove the file:

For Outbound Call

  • When you choose to activate Ourbound Call, you can assign users to make outbound calls from their AntBuddy account with your company DID number to be displayed on recipient’s devices. 
  • When you choose to de-activate Outbound Call, your whole company can not make outbound calls from the DID number.
  • Khi Kích hoạt tính năng Outbound Call, Chủ có thể ủy quyền cho Người dùng thực hiện cuộc gọi ra bên ngoài từ AntBuddy bằng cách vào User Extention ,When Outbound Call is active, Owner can assign who can make calls from DID number by reaching the User Extension section and click on the icon next to the assigned users to get it activated:

  • The assigned users with activated Outbound Call will find the dial pad icon displayed on the first left sidebar. Click on that to reach the virtual dial pad on the second left sidebar to start dialling.

  • This is how your AntBuddy looks like when you are in a call:

Step 4: IVR settings

  • When you first log in, your IVR is set with no IVR Ext. 
  • Now you can start adding IVR Ext to users by choosing user at Type column and their username at Target column before clicking icon (+). Then a confirmation box will show up. Choose Yes to finish or No to cancel. 

  • Or add IVR Ext for devices by choosing device at Type column and their device accoount at Target column before clicking icon (+). Then a confirmation box will show up. Choose Yes to finish or No to cancel.

  • Or add IVR Ext for a speech by choosing speech at Type column and adding a file at Target column before clicking icon (+). Then a confirmation box will show up. Choose Yes to finish or No to cancel.

Note: This allows callers to listening to an automatic instruction before choosing 0 to be back to the call.

  • You can choose to disable IVR. After IVR is disabled, all your IVR Exts will be removed.

Step 5: User Extension settings


- This section allows Owner to add/remove Ext for each user:

  • It should contain 2-4 digit numbers 
  • No similar Ext numbers are allowed
  • One user can be assigned at many Etx

- When Ext is assigned to user, people outside company can call that user by dialing the fixed Ext.
- This Ext can also be used internally among users allowed to make calls by dial pad on AntBuddy. All they should do is reaching the Dial pad and entering the Ext of their teammate.
- You can edit User Extension following the steps:

  • Input the numbers at “Enter Ext” next to the user 
  • Choose “+” to add more Ext

  • Choose “X” to remove Ext


- This feature allows Owner to add/remove device for users:

  • It is a SIP account (username/password) to log into a softphone or hardphone.
  • After the user is assigned with a device, s/he will get call ringing on AntBuddy and on the logged devices. 

- You can add devices for users following the steps:

  • Click “+”, you will see the box:

  • Enter username/password and click on “Create”.

- You can find device information by clicking on the device. A box will display showing the information.

- You can choose “X” to remove devices from a user


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